Mount Everest ascent within 3 weeks, 100% success-rate!

In recent months, a banner ad has been roaming the Internet. Praising an express expedition that takes you to the summit of Mount Everest in just 3 weeks. A flash Everest adventure. Advertising also highlights a 100% success rate. What is behind such a message? Clickbait or Marketing only?

100% success rate to Everest summit!

Behind the scenes, there is an Austrian operator called Furtenbach Adventures. Selling “Flash Everest Expeditions”. This agency, with almost 20 years of experience, can claim to have taken 100% of its customers to the summit of Everest. If this result is partly allowed by a rigorous choice of experienced clients; it is not guaranteed. However, statistically, if your profile is selected as sufficiently experienced to be part of one of their expeditions, you are likely to go to the top!

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Ascent duration: 3 weeks only!

Three weeks is a surprisingly short time to get to the top. Traditional expeditions generally last two months on site. Over those 2 months, most of the time is dedicated to acclimatization. Once acclimatized, mountaineers climb to the summit in just a few days. This is the secret of such a “product”. The climbers are now managing their acclimatization at home, the months before the trip to the Himalayas.

Home acclimatization!

Training and sleep in hypoxic tents on the menu. The equipment is provided, included in the price! Lukas Furtenbach explains: “It is a fact, high altitude commercial mountaineering is changing. Hypoxia training is already a practice for professional mountaineers. I think this is one of the main innovations in expeditions in 40 years. Within 5 to 10 years, no one will spend two months on an 8,000 anymore! “

Participation in such an expedition comes to a price, however. Around 99,900 Euros without international flights! In May 2019, another company had experienced these express ascents. Alpenglow had then broken a record: two weeks to climb Everest instead of two months!

Credits – Flash Everest Expeditions© Pixabay

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